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The Inner child webinar

You will learn who the inner child is and how it can help you create a harmonious life, a relationship with yourself, the people around you and much more.

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The Inner child webinar
The Inner child webinar

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20. 11. 2023 20:00 – 21:30

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This webinar will provide you with important information about working with the inner child.

Webinar will answear:

1. Who is the inner child

2. How it manifests in our lives

3. How to heal your inner child

4. Your questions and answers

You will be given space to ask questions and we will answer them. 

The inner child is your truest, earliest and most authentic self. It is the part of you that remembers your earliest childhood memories, dreams and desires.

Working with your inner child is a way to return to who you were before life events and societal expectations affected you.

When you connect with your inner child, you begin to discover the magic of simplicity, joy and curiosity. 

You can relive a carefree childhood, full of playfulness and laughter. But it's not just about memories. Working with your inner child also allows you to better understand your reactions and emotions today.

If you have ever felt that something is holding you back, that you have blocks in your thinking or behavior, this work may be the key to removing them. Your inner child may be wounded, but it is also full of incredible strength and courage.

Begin this adventurous journey of discovering your inner child and allow it to shine again. It can be the key to a life full of love, authenticity and joy.

To participate in the webinar, please log in and connect via this link on the day:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 879 1552 6111

Passcode: 792928

With love Martina Prazakova & Christie Nicholas

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